Sigur Rós – Westminster Methodist Central Hall.

I’m very excited about this concert.

I’m hoping it sounds a bit like this:

I hope it sounds a bit like this.

The only tinge of regret I’m feeling is for not having a ticket to see Radiohead the next day 😦


4 responses to “Sigur Rós – Westminster Methodist Central Hall.

  1. have you ever been?

  2. To Westminster Methodist Hall: yes, since the concert.
    To Iceland: no, though the photograph is actually of Everest.
    To a Radiohead concert: again, no, though you can rest assured that they are still top of my list of bands to see before I die.

  3. that was a ridiculous gig, as in good ridiculous.

    westminster hall gigs can go so wrong though. this review nearly made me wet myself the other day:

    is there really a need for fans to have promotional rubbish rammed down their throats while they watch their fav acts? :o(

  4. oh, sorry to not be specific.
    that photo does a good impression of iceland.
    hope you get to go there one day.
    thanks for the review.

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