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Great news!

These three clips, spun out over the first three episodes of the new series of the BBC’s Top Gear, illustrate the kind of humour that makes the programme so enjoyable.

In its current format, the programme is now in its eleventh series, and it’s not a surprise that it has become the Big British Castle’s biggest global export. It should be required viewing for the whole population.


An Apology.

I really must apologise for the lack of activity on the blog for the last week. Unfortunately, last Saturday my WiFi connection dropped out, and it took me all week to find a solution. No, not a 10m long Ethernet cable: I eventually worked out that I needed to change the broadcast channel on my router. In any case, I’m back online, and my next post will undoubtedly be a review of Loveless, which I promised some time ago.

I do hope you (all seven readers) weren’t thinking of deserting the blog, so please don’t stop reading now. I shall try and crank up the pace again.

In the meantime, I should say that I just bought the following albums:

Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

British Sea Power – The Decline Of British Sea Power

Roxy Music – Country Life

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Boatman’s Call

So maybe expect something about those albums in the near to distant future.


If a singer has nothing about which to sing, is there any point in him singing actual lyrics? Continue reading


MuxtapeI’m in the process of uploading my first playlist onto Muxtape. If you haven’t used Muxtape, it’s all in the name: it’s a mixtape on the internet… and I’m not really sure about the ‘Mux’ bit.

Anyway, here it is, for your aural delectation:

“Love Is A Province Of The Brave.”

How to describe this initial foray into sequencing a mixtape? It’s quite a moody affair; very sonically dense and sludgy in places, and, by the end, it’ll probably have exhausted you somewhat.

(Thanks to Cocoa Grove for the cassette icon, released under the Creative Commons License.)


I have an unhealthy obsession with music. It courses through my blood like a particularly unhealthy intoxicant, often standing in the way of me getting things done. Hopefully some of this love can spill over into this blog which, now that I have a decent amount of free time, I hope to keep current with new, old or unusual music.

There are many music blogs, and I don’t have a problem with that, because, as I see it, they are our best hope in spreading knowledge of great music that’s being made today. Here in the UK, the public’s tastes in music are homogenised and nullified by generic radio stations that are predominantly free of individualism, and so entirely unoriginal music has been allowed to reign. There’s a lot to be admired in American culture, where the power of the blogosphere has ignited the rise of original, free-spirited artists without stifling them into record contracts the second they gain exposure. Hopefully, through music blogs, the same changes can gain a foothold elsewhere in the world. Continue reading