I confess: music takes up far too much of my time. Even as I write out the fledgling articles for this blog, I should probably be doing something much more important. But music is pretty much what makes me tick, and not a minute goes by when I’m encumbered (but in a good way) by the thought of a song.

On a more corporeal level, I’m a student from London, on the cusp of starting my university degree – Philosophy & Economics at the London School of Economics, provided that my A-Levels go to plan – with an interest in graphic design, typography, photography, cinema and football. And, of course, music.

My intention with this blog is to follow the millions of other music blogs out there in the blogosphere by commenting on and reviewing music that’s pulling my strings. I don’t particularly want to get preachy, but I do think people here in the UK, and elsewhere, need to widen their tastes and listen to music that’s challenging and enjoyable. Alexis Petridis, writing in The Guardian, said of the Pigeon Detectives’ sophomore effort, Emergency, that it was “the album the Arctic Monkeys might have made if they fired Alex Turner and replaced him with Michael off The Apprentice. What a horrible thought. What a horrible album.” and it is the horror with which I regard that kind of horrible lad-rock, free of inspiration, and free of any redeeming qualities, that spurs me on to embrace wider tastes. My hope is that the public actually reads what people like Mr. Petridis have to say, and vote with their wallets.


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