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If a singer has nothing about which to sing, is there any point in him singing actual lyrics? Continue reading



I have an unhealthy obsession with music. It courses through my blood like a particularly unhealthy intoxicant, often standing in the way of me getting things done. Hopefully some of this love can spill over into this blog which, now that I have a decent amount of free time, I hope to keep current with new, old or unusual music.

There are many music blogs, and I don’t have a problem with that, because, as I see it, they are our best hope in spreading knowledge of great music that’s being made today. Here in the UK, the public’s tastes in music are homogenised and nullified by generic radio stations that are predominantly free of individualism, and so entirely unoriginal music has been allowed to reign. There’s a lot to be admired in American culture, where the power of the blogosphere has ignited the rise of original, free-spirited artists without stifling them into record contracts the second they gain exposure. Hopefully, through music blogs, the same changes can gain a foothold elsewhere in the world. Continue reading