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An Apology.

I really must apologise for the lack of activity on the blog for the last week. Unfortunately, last Saturday my WiFi connection dropped out, and it took me all week to find a solution. No, not a 10m long Ethernet cable: I eventually worked out that I needed to change the broadcast channel on my router. In any case, I’m back online, and my next post will undoubtedly be a review of Loveless, which I promised some time ago.

I do hope you (all seven readers) weren’t thinking of deserting the blog, so please don’t stop reading now. I shall try and crank up the pace again.

In the meantime, I should say that I just bought the following albums:

Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

British Sea Power – The Decline Of British Sea Power

Roxy Music – Country Life

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Boatman’s Call

So maybe expect something about those albums in the near to distant future.


My Bloody Valentine – Loveless.

Pitchfork ranked it as the second greatest album of the 1990s (no prizes for guessing what came top!), and its influence can be heard in countless albums of the post-rock and shoegazing genres. And yet, though I have been able to appreciate so many of the bands that count My Bloody Valentine as their inspiration, I’ve never really been able to connect with MBV themselves.

Thus I have decided to open my mind to Loveless one more time, to see if I can finally come to understand its genius, which has thus far eluded me. I really do hope I can love it, if only so that I won’t feel so guilty enjoying other, even more noisy, reverb-drenched stuff.

When I do decide to give it another go, I’ve also decided to ‘liveblog’ my experiences of it, here on the blog, which should be fun. I dare say that it won’t quite achieve the fame or reputation of this particular liveblog series, but, still, what with MBV setting out on their reunion tour as we speak, it should be a timely occasion for me to approach such an influential work.